Book of Eli Oil Painting

Book of Eli is one of my favorite Denzel Washington movie, so I’ve decided to paint a scene from the movie, where he was reading(using braille) the Bible. Here’s the photo summary of the painting process. Enjoy!

Sketches and Block in Stage(Background)

As always, I started with a rough sketch of the composition and blocked in the background and the darks

Blockin Stage

Finished blocking in the darks.

Blockin Stage(With Color, Background and Head)

I painted initially the wall with ultramarine blue, yellow ochre and titanium white. Here I messed up the likeness big time!

Blockin Stage(Initial corrections of the likeness)

I changed the likeness drastically, and this is much better than the previous one.

Blockin Stage(End of this phase)

I’ve decided to finish the blockin stage and leave the head for a while so that I can make sense of what’s wrong with the likeness

Modelling Stage

Now that the whole canvas was covered, I can now make a better judgement of my form, values and color.

Detailing Stage

Finally, I captured Denzel’s character and likeness. Now I started working on the fine details of the face; wrinkles, facial hair, highlights and shadows.

Final Stage

Did the details of the fabric, the bible and hand. Bumped the values of the wall up and made it a bit dirty. I also added some noise in the shadow.
Overall, I’m happy with it. Spent approximately 10 hours in a span of three weeks to finish this.
Title: Book of Eli
Support: 30″x24″ stretched canvas.
Medium : Mixed Media(Oil and Acrylic for black background and stain)
Palette: Titanium White, Medium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Ultrmarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Brunt Umber