Enriqueto (Quits) Sabio is the current technical director of Funguy Studio. He has 8+ years experience in software/game development. When not coding he plays jazz with his guitar or does oil painting in his spare time. To view Quits’ artworks visit his Oil Painting Portfolio.

Projects with lead roles:



A micro management game on how to run a school

Ben10 Xenodrome Plus

Outblaze and TurnOut Ventures

Turn-based rock paper scissors with slotmachine fighting game


Outblaze and TurnOut Ventures

A turn-Base Mechanical fighting game based on the original Ben10 Xenodrome game mechanics

Dragon Tap


An async multiplayer rhythm game for the marina regatta dragon boat by the DBS bank

Sea World Saga

AppStream LLC

A flappy bird like game, only it’s under water

Ask Steve Harvey


A social Question and Answer app that features Steve Harvey. User will be able to ask or answer questions and can get a chance to air their questions on the Steve Harvey show

Heroes of Deca


A 2d platformer game

Projects with non lead roles:

Ultimaze, Dead System, MotoGP, World Traveller, Propeller Dog