Free Resources : Oil Portrait Painting Essentials

Formal studies on oil painting  can be very expensive. Even with some online painting courses. I believe education doesn’t have to be expensive for you to get a better understanding of how to paint in oil. In fact there are good resources out there for free.  All you need is to be taught with the essentials for free.  So I listed here some of the good resources online that I’ve really benefited from.

Portraits and Figure Drawing and Painting

Drawing The Head from

Drawing the head from any angle


Drawing the Head – Front View


Drawing the Head – Side View


Drawing the Head – Extreme Angles


Gestures, Proportions and Figure Drawing

Gesture Drawing


Measuring proportions with a pencil


Learning Human Figure Proportions


Color Mixing for Flesh Tones and Palette To Use(Andrew Tischler, Cesar Santos and Mark Carder):

Color gradations and tiling


Good palette for painting the flesh


Shades and Tints


How to mix Flesh tones


Portrait Painting Process:

Cesar Santos’ Drawing stage, Dead Colouring, First Painting and Second Painting


Andrew Tischler’s Blocking In Stage, Modelling, Detailing